Disability Awareness


Disability can be caused due to any reason like it can be physical, cognitive, emotional disability or any other reason related to development. Disability is likely to occur either from birth or it canbe caused during lifetime.


When the word disability strike we think of main diseases which lead to disability i.e. heart disease, diabetes and cancer. But the truth is many other diseases like:

– Depression

-Back pain



-Spine disorder

– Accident., etc   are also severe causes for the occurrence of disability.

For reduction in disability one must protect their health by-

-exercising regularly

-healthy diet

-not to take stress

-and proper sleep


By following the above points we can reduce the risk of-

-Heart disease


-Cancer and other disease.

Mostly, people believe that disability insurance is not important and it is wastage of money, but they are wrong because disability can occur any time. By any chance if a person is disabled from a disease then the entire expense of the treatment will charge from his income but if he will be insured under disability insurance then his expense on the particular treatment will be reduced to some extent.


One must get disability insurance when the person is getting older or if he is diagnosed with some serious health issue which in future can lead him suffer any kind of disability.


You should do every step to protect yourself.

Conclusion is that disability insurance is important and mandatory for everyone.

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