National Health



Happiness of human and well-being depend upon the better health and also health plays an important role in the economic progress.


For securing health- one must opt for national health insurance because this insure national population for the expense of health care. This is enforced by law and is administered by

-public sector

-private sector

-or  both.

National health insurance aim is to provide proper health services to people and also has positive implementation for the growth of population.


When one is secured under national health insurance there is no need to worry about your life and health.

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Health acts as a functional or a metabolic efficiency of a living organisms also it can be said that health is a dynamic process because it keeps on changing reason can be good health, sickness or even illness. Level of health changes with a change in our lifestyle-improvement in lifestyle tends to improve in the health also.  One of the main aspect of health is a physical health.


There are many components of health some of them are discussed below:

  • Social health- Interaction socially with people, society and environment in order to satisfy personal relationships.
  • Mental health- To enhance mental health and ability for learning and growing intellectually.
  • Emotional health- Ability to control emotions so that it is easy to express them efficiently.
  • Spiritual health- Strong belief in some universal power or force. It fluctuate from person to person.

Its our responsibility to take care of our health on daily basis. One must maintain balance in order to take care of our mind, body and soul.


Our another responsibility is to motivate others for their improvement in their health and wellness.

Lack of health led to many disabilities such as-

  • Stress, feeling depressed all the time, lot of occurrence of anxiety.
  • High blood pressure, diseases related to heart, high sugar level etc.

In order to avoid all the above causes one must-

  • Be healty, fit and fine.
  • Minimize the reasons for being depressed.
  • Proper sleep at night.
  • Try looking good and fresh.
  • Be in proper shape.
  • Be socially active meeting new people and spending time with friends.
  • Be positive and avoid any negative vibes.
  • And, have fun in your life.


The best way of bringing health as a positive aspect is by doing physical activities which helps in reducing the risk of

  • Heart disease
  • Increase in blood pressure
  • Depression
  • , etc


Therefore, fitness is very much important for the well-being of your health.

Health insurance serves many benefits it protects you and your family from financial loss or it can be any other cause, even in good health one must get insured under health insurance.

Health insurance serves many benefits:

  • Emergency services
  • Hospitalization
  • Care in pregnancy and new born
  • Laboratory services
  • All medicines
  • Health treatment (disorder services)., etc


Conclusion is that health insurance is important.

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