Term life insurance is insurance which plays an effective coverage at fixed rate payment for limited time period. When the time period expires than there is no guarantee given for the previous decided rate.

Term life insurance has minimum cost to purchase death benefit for a specific time period.


Term life insurance is not used for real estate or any charitable places but it is basically used for income needs of an individual, helps in repayment of loan.

Advantages of term life insurance:

– it is affordable

-it is flexible

-easy to understand

-they are easy to buy

  In Term life insurance policy – you can invest your earned money yourself, than letting an insurance company do it on your behalf.


Term life insurance policy is beneficial for covering your short-term financial needs.


Examples of these needs are your:

-children’s education and

-your mortgage

Important points to be remembered:

-Death benefit is guaranteed

-Premium increases according to renewal

-Value of cash component is not important.

-Cash growth is not possible because there is no cash value of cash components.

-Withdrawal of cash is none.

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