Universal life insurance is type of insurance in which policyholder is allowed to alter the particular policy according to the changes in life by combining/merging benefits of term life with savings account.

Universal life insurance is also based on whole life insurance.

Universal life insurance came into existence to provide an easy way to policyholder by shifting money in-between the savings and insurance.


Important points related to Universal life insurance


-It is flexible to pay the amount of your own choice.

-Duration of universal life insurance is for whole life.

-Interest rate is minimum which is guaranteed.

-Policy criteria of universal life insurance is “pay interest and the credit will be given back by your policy”

-There are no cash withdrawals.

-Before purchasing universal life insurance one must seek that it is expensive policy

-It is flexible

-Tax advantage is given in this policy.

-It is permanent i.e. as long as you keep premium.


Some components are also included in this policy:

– Death benefits – policyholder has right to choose the type of benefit he wants in future.

-Provide flexible premiums entirely related to situation.

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